Groundwork Coming to an End

It's hard to believe that it's just over six weeks since the commencement of the construction work on our new house. The excitement of watching our new home take shape is an experience like no other. Our daily visits to the construction site not only allow us to monitor and photograph the progress but also serve as a way to keep the hardworking crew motivated.

Although these people work for the development company the personal touch from us is helpful. This is Thailand and supervision at all levels is a must.

As you can see from the images on this page, the initial stages of groundwork had been completed. The large holes for the foundations had been filled, and metalwork had been strategically placed to reinforce the low concrete retaining walls that were next in line for construction.

Concrete Delivery

The concrete to make the low walls was delivered by two brand new trucks from CPAC (Kwang says the new trucks and not old ones were a good omen). To my surprise it took a few hours to pour the concrete. I had expected it to take a shorter time.

Kill the Termites

After the concrete had dried some water pipe work was put in place along with a black hose inside the retaining walls. This perforated hose will be used to regularly dispense a liquid into the foundations to kill any termites thereby ensuring the longevity of the structure. This bug kill technique is a new one on me.

The construction process continued seamlessly with the placement of reinforced concrete slabs over the designated area. To accomplish this, a crane was employed to move three slabs at a time to their required spots. The precision and coordination involved in this step were impressive, as the slabs were carefully lowered and placed by hand.

The End of Step One

As the slabs settled into their designated spots, the final touch for this phase of construction was the addition of a layer of reinforced concrete on top and the construction of concrete support columns. This marked the completion of step one in the construction of our house – a significant milestone. Five more steps to go.

One corner of the foundations with top layer of concrete

concrete supports


The house construction site will be quiet now until after the New Year.

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