Marking Out the Land

It is now 6th Novmber, 2023. The rainy season is practically over and the cold season is coming. The groundwork is being started, just at the right time of the year.

As long as there are no problems outside the control of the developers, the house should be finished by August / September of 2024. We will see.

I have no experience of building a house, nor has Kwang, so this is going to be fun watching the house materialise in front of us. As the build progresses, we will try and take pictures and update this blog regularly.

Marking Out the Land then Dig

digger at work So today the builders were marking out the land so that the foundations can be dug according to the plans. It took them most of the day to complete this part of the groundwork. I have no idea what they used but it was some form of white powder and red spray paint. At least they seemed to know what they were doing. 

After the marking out was finished the digger was called into play and the foundations dug. Considering it was a powerful mechanical digger and that an accidental tweak of the controls, at the wrong time, might have ruined everything, the accuracy of the hole digging was spot on. The driver of the digger had obviously done groundwork before.

When all the digging was complete it looked to me that our house plans had been mixed up with a condo as the holes were so deep. I checked the plans and they were mean't to be 1.5m deep. They looked deeper than that but I was not going to check. On talking to the architect he was okay that they were deeper than planned, but shallower than planned would have been rejected. 

Metal Work

The next stage in the groundwork was the making of the metal reinforcing framework for the concrete support at the base of the pillars. These terms are probably not the correct terms but as a layman I understand them, I hope you do.



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