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I obviously need to change my appearance as I must look like a real mug.

For the second time this month I have been the target of a farang fraudster. This was at 2100hrs today when I was in Villa Supermarket at Phrom Phong. I was getting some pork pies from the chiller when a young guy, no more than 23 years of age, walked up next to me. He selected some chilled pasta and asked me if it was halal. I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders and he said, 'oh you don't work in this shop then'.

This immediately set alarm bells ringing as I was holding a yellow shopping basket full of groceries, 2 carrier bags from the Emporium, and a camera in its large case slung over a shoulder. LOL.

He quickly moved on to ask the price of the item in US dollars. I told him it was about 2 dollars. He then asked if he could pay in dollars and not baht and opened a large wallet exposing what must have been about 300 x 100 dollar bills. I think I was meant to be impressed.

Then he asked if I had any baht in my wallet and could he see some. I looked at him and laughed. Then he asked if I would change some USD into Baht for him at the exchange rate of 20 baht to 1 dollar. I laughed again.

He went on to say that he was from Dubai and that he had just arrived in Bangkok from the airport. He said he had given the taxi driver 100 dollars as he did not have any baht. When I asked him why he hadn't changed any money at the airport, and where was his luggage, he didn't answer.....he just put down the pasta and walked quickly out of the shop.

What's the betting that the dollar bills were counterfeit :)

He was about 20 - 23 years old, pale complexion, and looked middle eastern. He had short dark hair, was about 5ft 5 ins tall, of slim build and dressed in smart but casual clothes. He was wearing black sandals.
I believe in things happening in three's ...what will the next scammer try ?

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