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I got a big shock the other day when I realised that during the last 6 years I have gone from wearing XL shirts to 3XL ! That is outrageous and it is pissing me off ! I should have seen it coming but stuck my head in the sand very much like Gordon Brown and the others did over the UK economy. Anyway, I can't see any easy way to reverse whats happened to my size but something has to be done.

As of now I am reducing the days when I consume alcohol to only 3 days out of 7 instead of 6 days out of 7. That alone will help my bank balance, health and hopefully lose me a few Kgs. I have also dusted off my weights in my room. I was going to go to the gym as well but I need to buy some new trainers first. My current pair are covered in mould and other nasties - due to lack of use.

Well thats my plan, all I need is the motivation to do it. Anyone want to sponsor me? :)

Moving on, I need to tell you about my recent experiences in 2 small massage shops in the Samut Prakan area that I visited recently. Now, these shops were not like most of the ones you find in Sukhumvit where a HJ (and more) is easy to obtain.

The girl I had in each shop would not entertain giving me a HJ not even when Baht was mentioned. But each one did massage my balls and the surrounding groin area paying particular attention to between my balls and ass. They all did this until I climaxed ! To top it all they didn't want any money for doing it.

Its as though it was alright because they didnt touch my penis and was part of the massage!

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