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I have been in Bangkok some years now and it never ceases to amaze me that a large number of Thai's seem unable to ask 'why' something is as it is.

They seem to accept without question anything they are told, no matter if it is an official, supervisor, security guard  or  just a normal Thai.

Maybe they see questioning as a form of confrontation which apparently they do not like ( or so they say )   or maybe it's due to the style of teaching they received as a youngster. Or is it to do with 'face' ?

I think its to do with their education, or lack of it.

But whatever the reason its just another way of slowing down the overall development of a nation.

I will cite one example. My girlfriend was arranging for my condo to receive an adsl internet connection. She was told it would take 4 weeks !  I asked her why  was that and she replied, ' I didn't ask '. I asked her to go back and ask and she refused as it would not be polite ???

So, I went to them and asked the necessary questions. The internet was working  3 days later.

I could go on and on with examples but there is no need as all the readers of this blog will no doubt know of many of their own !

Something else I have noticed is that probing questions are frowned on. Perhaps it is because the slightest probing unearths the truth about a person or something.  Their 'front' is just that, a front. An 'open' question gets a response but a 'closed' question gets a blank look !

I appreciate the same can be said about any nation in the world, and it is certainly not true of Thai's educated to a high university standard, but it just seems so prevalent in Thailand something is not right.

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