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You probably think why on earth did I get a vasectomy at 28 years of age? It is simple really, I was married (unfortunately) and already had 2 kids. My daughter was fine but my son had cerebral palsy.

There was no way on this planet that I was going to father another child. The NHS doctor I saw in England was sympathetic and signed me up for the op. I had no idea of what was coming....

The Day Arrived for The Snip

I had to wait about 6 weeks for an appointment for 'the operation' and the date was set just as I was into the 3rd week of a 12 week course at a military facility, On the day of the op I followed all the advice and didn't eat. I turned up at the hospital starving. After a short wait I was ushered into a changing room and had to strip off and wear a gown.

Instead of the gown having an opening at the back, this one had one at the front. Or maybe I put it on the wrong way round.

The doctor had said I shouldn't shave my parts myself but leave it to the staff at the hospital. So I took his advice - this time. So with my gown flapping open at the front and me naked underneath I walked into a small operating theatre and lay on the table.

A lovely female nurse, about my age, opened my gown and started to shave me. Well, as you might expect, I got an almighty hard on. The nurse didn't flinch and promptly taped my erect member to my stomach and finished the job. She then painted the area with an orange solution - a very erotic experience.

My erection didn't last long though. A doctor walked in grabbed me by the balls and showed me a needle and syringe that looked as big as my arm. Of course it wasn't but I thought it was. He said he was going to stick it in my balls and it was an anesthetic. He didn't use those words, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, as soon as I saw the doctor and syringe, my taped to the stomach erection collapsed. It had been securely taped and now it was flaccid but the skin was stretched quite a bit. The nurse ripped off the tape and pushed my dick out of the way securing it with a drape. So all my thoughts of what the nurse could do to me evaporated in a few seconds.

Anyway, the doctor completed the snip and put 2 stitches in each side of my ball sac. I was offered a wheelchair ride to a recovery area where I should spend a couple of hours before leaving, but I declined. I was on an important course and wanted to get back to it asap. So I got changed back into my clothes and went on my way. Thoughts of what it could have been were at the forefront of my mind if you understand what I mean. As I left they said that I must not do anything strenuous and take it easy for a couple of weeks.

That night I went to bed with balls that were double their normal size and tender. The next day the swelling had subsided, I had loaded up on Ibuprofen, and that afternoon I played cricket with my course mates. Big mistake.

At the end of the game, what I thought was sweat in my groin area was in fact blood. The stitches and the skin they were in were ripped open and blood was oozing out. I shot off to the nearby military medical centre. The doctor there dressed and cleaned the wound, and applied butterfly stitches. All was well but he told me I had to attend the clinic everyday for the wound to be cleaned and dressed.


I thought I better had, and duly turned up at the place the next morning. I couldn't believe my luck The nurse who cleaned and dressed my balls was about 23yrs old and stunning, well she was stunning in my eyes. I had this 'treatment by the same nurse about 10 times over the next 2 weeks. To start with there was too much pain to feel horny but after about 6 visits I was getting a hard on as she cleaned. Despite repeated efforts to convince her to massage my 'bruised' dick, she declined.

The moral of this story, and I have detailed it exactly as it happened, is to take the advice of medical practitioners and not think you are superman. Secondly, not to expect young nurses to engage in unprofessional conduct during a course of treatment. Wait until it is finished and you are no longer her patient. It can be worth the wait....

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