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Just down the road from my condominium complex there is a footbridge over the road. I use it regularly on my jaunts down to the skytrain station. About two months ago I noticed a used sanitary towel lying on the lowest step of the stairway to the bridge. I thought nothing of it and continued over the bridge.

On the otherside I noticed another used towel lying on the lowest step of the exit stairway. Again, I didn't think much about it as stray dogs regularly rip open bags of rubbish and spread the contents over a wide area.

However, yesterday I noticed another two used sanitary towels in exactly the same positions as before. Not believing in coincidences I did a bit of research. It would appear that they were placed at each end of the bridge to ensure that the evil spirits that lurk in the middle of the bridge do not move off it ! How the evil spirits got to be on the bridge in the first place is unknown.

This sort ritual involving menstrual blood is bizarre by western standards but apparently it is quite common in Thailand. In fact during the recent political strife black magic was said to have been used by one side to 'nail' closed a Buddhist shrine. This was to stop its 'goodness' going to the other side.

These 'nails' were removed by magicians of the opposing force, and their ladies placed used sanitary towels on the spots where the nails had been to prevent them being replaced. Apparently menstrual blood has a very powerful effect on all things evil.

I would have thought that in this day and age there could be something more hygenic than a used sanitary towel. Maybe a small bottle of the blood - at least it would be sealed. But then again the blood probably needs to be exposed to the open air to make it more powerful.... this is getting too much for me.

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