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No Dogs Allowed

I don't think that what I witnessed last night would be allowed in Britain - but it worked !!

A young Thai woman about 30 years of age, has been living in a condo on the same floor as mine for the last month. Soon after she moved in it was obvious to the rest of the people living on floor that she was keeping 1 and sometimes 2, small dogs in her condo. This is forbidden by the property management company for obvious reasons:

1. Its not fair on the dog being on the 23rd floor of a condo block.
2. The dog is left in a hot room when the owner goes out and goes crazy, or worse.
3. The dog begins to stink and the smell spreads.
4. The dog barking is a nuisance to the neighbours.

Tolerance is the norm here and no overt approach was made to the woman by her neighbours that I know of. However someone must have tipped off the management company. I think it was one of the cleaners who had to clear up the dogs excrement after it had escaped into the communal areas.

About two weeks ago a security guard working for the management went to her rooms and delivered a piece of paper, it was clearly a request for her to vacate the premises because she was keeping dogs. She was not happy and slammed the door in the face of the guard.

Yesterday evening, two guards turned up at her door. They talked to the woman through the front door but she wouldn't open it. The guards said something to her, walked up the corridor to a utility cupboard and promptly cut off her electricity and water supply.

They then quietly left.

The woman and her dogs moved out this morning with their tails between their legs.

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