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Tulip Bar, Jetyod Road, Chiang Rai

Two new bars have emerged in the last couple of weeks in the Jetyod Road area of Chiang Rai. Or maybe I should say 1 1/2 bars.

Tulip Bar has opened in what is known locally as Soi Massage. It is situated a couple of shops down from Rose Bar. I have been there three times and found it very friendly, about 5 girls most of the time, aged from 25ish to 40. A very nicely decorated bar with a good feel to it. It reminds me of my favourite bar in Bangkok (Shag Bar 2).

The only draw back is that you cannot have sanook within the confines of the bar, and as with all the farang style girlie bars in Chiang Rai, the front is wide open. All the girls are available apart from the owner. The only bar in the Jetyod Road area that has a closed front with blackened glass is Regency Boys Bar....

The second bar to open is Calypso Bar. This bar is more like a street stall and to me not at all appealing. Maybe it will end up as a venue for a late night drink.

I have been to it once and was dismayed at the variety of beer available. Chang, Chang, Leo or Leo. Maybe it is early days and will get better.

It is located down the soi that runs through Lam Yai bar. The stall is actually attached to the side of Sanfran burger shop. There were 2 girls there, one really attractive and about 28 years old, the other about 40. They were friendly enough but the bar was not my style. The girls told me the rent is 6k amonth, someone else told me 4k a month. It might survive because of that.

Mons Bar, situated in Jetyod Road has changed hands and will be renamed in the coming days / weeks.

Bar 184 is being renovated and new signage indicates it will open as a Bavarian beer bar. We will see. Thankfully, not a Chinese beer bar,

UPDATE: 6th August, 2020

Yes, the Bavarian Beer House is opening on 8th August, 2020 - everything looks superb. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating and drinking.

Looks like they will have some excellent German beers and German food available. My favourites, even though I am English.

For an updated map of the bars in the Jetyod Road area of Chiang Rai.

UPDATE:10th August, 2020

Mon's Bar bought and renamed as Get 2 Her. This new bar is run by Khun Nhoonoi and could well become popular.

UPDATE: 29th August, 2020

Yet another new bar has opened nearly opposite Cat Bar. The name of this brand new bar is Pen Bar, apparently owned by the lady that set up Tulip Bar, which she has sold, so I am told, to her sister.



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