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I read an article in the Bangkok Post today about the number of homeless westerners in Thailand. It is quite sad really. Here is a quote from the article:

"We are starting to see more and more homeless foreigners, many of
whom have separated from their Thai wives and now have no money," said
Natee Saravari, secretary-general of the Issarachon Foundation.

The Thai charity has been helping homeless Thai people in Chiang Mai,
Chon Buri and Phuket provinces for the past 10 years, but has recently
branched out into assisting homeless foreigners as well.

"In Pattaya we see them picking up trash in front of McDonald's to
eat, and hanging out in front of restaurants asking customers for
money," Mr Natee said, referring to Pattaya beach resort in Chon Buri. He estimated that there were more than 200 homeless foreigners nationwide, compared with about 30,000  homeless Thais." He went on to say that "many of the homeless Thais have mental problems whereas the foreigners are mainly alcoholics".

No doubt these homeless foreigners were driven to drink by their circumstances, all of which were totally avoidable.

The first sentence of the first quote is very significant - make of it what you will.

Did the separations occur because the foreigner was an alcoholic or was the girl just fleecing him until he was broke then kicked him out ?  Who knows, but I have a good idea which one was more than likely the major cause.

The article went on to say that foreigners receive little protection  from the law in Thailand and a Professor at a University in the North East of the country is saying that laws  need updating with respect to protecting foreigners rights.

Hopefully, the powers to be will also agree.

By the way, I live with a Thai girl I met in a northern Bangkok Thai restaurant and have been for five years. She has not got access to my money, we live in a condo rented by me, I have not bought her a business or house and never will. I told her these 'rules' from day one and she did not blink an eyelid, and no, she has not got a rich family, and the family do not get any of my money either. If she ever leaves that's up to her. She has shown no signs of doing so and appears happy with her lot.

UPDATE: I ended the relationship in 2015 as she was not fulfilling my needs. She is still working in the same restaurant.

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