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Man Recruiting Girl

I found this is the China News !! Reminds me of how some Thai girls operate, but the other way round ( if you see what I mean ).

Rent a Girl in China

SHANGHAI: Liu Facai is desperate to hire a "girlfriend" during the Spring Festival holiday. The 31-year-old sales manager works in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, and has posted a notice on a bulletin board of, the largest Web portal in the province.

The offer: 6,000 yuan ($878) for five days.

The reason: to present her before his parents in his hometown of Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, to stop them from pestering him to find a girlfriend and get married."My parents have been pushing me for a long time to find a girlfriend and asked me to bring her home for Spring Festival," Liu says.

He has left his personal information and blog address on the website. "It's always better to be honest," he says. "My price is competitive, though".

Nearly 400 applicants have responded within three days, he says. "Many girls have contacted me and want to meet me."


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