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I am often asked why I do not have a post about the visa rules for Thailand. The answer is simple as far as I am concerned.

Thai Immigration Rules Can Change

In my experience the Immigration rules are interpreted differently in different parts of Thailand and then again interpreted differently by individual Immigration officers. Likewise, at Thai consulates throughout the world the interpretations can vary widely.

This would make it very nearly impossible to keep the post updated and there is no way I would want to post incorrect information that may cause people difficulties with a visa application. All I can do is refer you to the Thai Immigration website or suggest you go to the websites of whatever Thai Consulate is near you if you are not in Thailand.

On a personal level I have never had an issue with a visa, extension or other application in the 20 years I have been coming to, or living, in Thailand. Either at a Consulate in the UK or Laos, or at an Immigration Office in Thailand.

My only advice is that whatever happens when dealing with an Immigration officer, or Consular official, is to KEEP COOL. Thailand is not the West where shouting and verbal abuse to officials is common. Such behaviour towards a Thai Immigration officer or Consular official will not get you anywhere. In fact it will cause you more problems.

It is quite normal to get told that you have not got this document or that document, or you have used the wrong colour ink when filling in a form. Or have not signed every document in the stack of 15 pages or the many more pages if bank statements are needed. Don't worry about it, just do what they want without complaint.

I have seen  a few foreigners 'lose it' in Immigration offices in Thailand and it gets them nowhere. The officers are in charge, not the foreigner. It is their country and foreigners are just guests no matter how we feel about it. I have never seen a problem at the Consulates in other countries but then again I could count on one hand the number of times I have used a Consulate..

Anyway, if your paperwork is in order and the rules at the time are being complied with, there should not be a problem.

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