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Lovely Thai Girls Feet

Thai girl's feet have always interested me.

Ever since I arrived in Thailand I have taken well over 400 photos of Thai girls feet. It doesn't matter if they are ugly or perfect, anything goes.

I have selected a few of my favourites in this gallery.

My Favourite Thai Girl's Feet

I can assure you that I do not find them ALL stimulating or suck-able, but each to their own. It takes all sorts. But I do like some.

Most of the pictures were taken in small beer bars around the Sukhumvit 22  to  13 area of Bangkok. Some were taken in Vientiane, Laos. There are also a couple of a Buriram girls feet taken in Chiang Rai. I really like the feet of the Laos Massage Girl - If you find her pictures, what do you think?

In Thai culture, feet are normally looked upon as being 'bad', so why do so many Thai people get foot massages? Anyway, the Thai girls I have photographed think feet are ok and some love to have their feet caressed, kissed and sucked. Especially for money.

I also find it interesting looking at the shoes Thai girls wear, it never ceases to amaze me that a girl can have a superb dress on, make up and look a thousand dollars, but wear a pair of plastic flip flops on their feet. I probably will never understand it.

I prefer bare feet, or feet in flat shoes, especially in the go go bars. But it seems to be the trend now to wear ridiculously high heels or chunky soled, excuses for shoes.

In my view, ridiculous chunky shoes with high heels look out of place on a nice and petite Thai girl.



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