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Dangerous Liars

Following on from my previous post I want to tell you about the time I helped out a friend who I used to drink with in a pub in England. He wanted to kill me at first but soon thanked me for my actions and gave me money to cover my expenses. I took it of course. The story goes like this:

Man Meets Thai Bar Girl in Patpong

One day he came into the pub a couple of weeks after a months holiday in Bangkok. He was full of himself and showing everyone a picture of his new Thai girlfriend. He had it sellotaped to the back of his cell phone.

He seemed over the moon as he had at last found a girl who he felt good with after a couple of failed relationships in the UK. He went on to say he met her in Tavern 2 bar in Patpong the day after he arrived in Bangkok. They hit it off at once and he had enjoyed a great month. He didn't want to come home and leave her in the bar but was certain she loved him and was stopping work.

Apparently this was after he said he would help get her a visa to the UK so they didn't have to be apart. Additionally he would send her enough money to live on so she didnt have to work.

He had since found out that getting a visa for her was not easy, probably impossible in such circumstances and that he was therefore planning a return trip in 2 months time although he had no more holiday time from work. He might even give up work in the UK and go and work in Bangkok!

I pulled him to one side and asked if he really knew what he was doing. I told him the requirements for working in Thailand, the risks, the hurdles you had to jump through, the downsides. But most of all as he had only known the girl a month or so, did he know what she was really like. Bar girls have a tendancy to lie.

He was not happy that I questioned the whole arrangement but being aware of the scare stories agreed to me checking out Tavern 2 the next weekend to see if she was there. He was adamnant that she wouldn't be, he went on to say she couldn't be as he called her every night and she said she was at home. I think he agreed to me checking to shut me up.

Anyway the following Friday I travelled back to Bangkok. It was when I was still working in the UK and Bangkok and travelled between the two places monthly. Early evening on the next Saturday, I went to Tavern 2 armed with a picture of his 'girlfriend'.

The bar was empty when I walked in apart from the bar tendee. I sat at the bar and had a drink,then it was 2, then 3. The bar was empty all that time but at about 7pm she walked in. That is the 'girlfriend' I was looking for.

As I was the only customer I got talking to her and it was quickly obvious she was available. To cut a long story short I ended up bar fining her and taking her to a short time hotel a few steps away from the bar. I took a few pictures of her naked, made my excuses, paid her some money and left. I never went back to that bar.

I then spent a couple of days thinking about how I was going to break the news to my mate. In the end, I emailed the pictures to a joint friend and asked him to do it. He did, and the immediate reaction of the scammed friend was one of anger. He emailed me warning me never to step foot in his pub again or else. I expected him to be somewhat unhappy but this was real anger.

Then, after a week I got another email from him. He apologised profusely and actually thanked me. He felt such a fool and went on to say I had saved him a fortune. He offered to cover my expenses which of course I accepted as I had spent about 5000 Baht on the job. As far as I know, he has never gone back to Thailand.

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