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Thai Airways plane with blacked out logo

The recent blackening out of the logo of a Thai Airways aircraft after it had skidded off the runway at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok is typical of the way many people in Thailand still believe in the 'íf you didn't see it yourself then it didn't happen principle'. The attempt by the airline to protect its image has really backfired.

Thai's and Face

There is more publicity around the world because of the blackening out of the logo than there would have been if it was just a plane skidding off the runway.

There is far too much emphasis in Thailand on protecting ones image at the expense of truth. Most of the worlds population, as well as the younger generation in Thailand, knows this goes on and are laughing in their coffee.

Apparently the airline blamed Star Alliance policy for the action, and Star Alliance denied it was policy. I know who I believe.

Most of what goes wrong in Thailand is blamed on others - normally foreigners. Very few people will take responsibility for their actions or inaction.

Another Example - Always a Foreigners Fault.

I remember being in a Bangkok taxi when it ran into a stationery vehicle. I was blamed for causing the accident even though I was asleep in the back.

The reason? If it wasn't for me the taxi would not have been driving on that stretch of road and therefore wouldn't have hit the stationery vehicle.

This sort of thing happens all the time - its all about face and is a little bit out of date.

Image courtesy of the Daily Telegraph in the UK.

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