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Large Teddy Bear Delivred to a Bargirl

Just thought I would post this. Make of it what you will.

I was sat in the front of a beer bar in Chiang Rai the other night having a quiet beer. There was just 3 customers including me and 2 bar girls both of whom knew me. It was quite early, about 7.30pm.

As I sat there I noticed a car pull up outside in the road. There was a large teddy bear was on the back seat. I thought nothing of it. The car drove off and parked a few yards down the road.

Bar Girl Receives a Delivery

The next thing I knew was a Thai guy carrying the teddy bear and a bunch of roses walking into the bar I was sitting in. He was clearly delivering it to someone. For one minute I thought the delivery might be for me as I am a 'Hansum Man' 555555.

Anyway he handed the bear and roses to one of the girls. Instead of looking happy the girl looked glum and said 'Not another one. I would rather have the money, stupid farang'. She read the card that accompanied the roses and sighed.

This is exactly what I mean't when I wrote the post Thai Girlfriend Experience - Girl for Rent

For a laugh and to see her reaction, I offered to buy the teddy bear - she declined saying words to the effect 'that she had to keep it as the guy who sent it was back soon and she had to keep him sweet'. I wonder why she said that? Then she said, ' Should know I am working !'

So again, please people, remember that 99% of bar girls are a drain on your wallet and have no interest in YOU, just your money. They are working to make money. Great fun yes, great times can be had, great experiences, but please be careful with your emotions.

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