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  • Thai Girls Feet Gallery

    Lovely Thai Feet

    Thai girl's feet have always interested me.

    Ever since I arrived in Thailand I have taken well over 400 photos of Thai girls feet. It doesn't matter if they are ugly or perfect, anything goes.


  • Similarities With Bangkok Bar Girls?

    Dark Girl Sat On Stool

    This is not about something that happened in Thailand but the same thing could easily happen here, or something very similar could happen as I describe at the end.

  • Thai Girlfriend Experience

    Thai Girl for Rent

    Thailand bar girls are renowned for the Thai Girlfriend Experience (TGE).

    Men travel from all over the world to Thailand to meet a bar girl and treat her as a girlfriend for a few days to a few months. Some even longer. This is fine if that is all the man wants.

    There is a big

  • My Beautiful Wife Kwang, Cats and Visa for the UK

    My Wife - Kwang

    Over the last couple of weeks I have been spending a lot of time moving everything from my old blog to this new site. I have neglected my wife a little bit and she is showing signs of discontent :)   Therefore I am forced to publish this picture of her and our cats.

  • Bangkok Bar Girls - Fiction or Fact

    Bar Girls Outside Spice Girls in Soi Cowboy

    Many visitors to Thailand encounter bar girls and share their experiences. Whether it is in a blog, website or actual hard copy.

    When you look for hard copy there are some great books around that share experiences in great depth, much more depth than a blog. But are they fact or

  • Bangkok Maids - Extra Duties

    I have been meaning to write about this for ages. I am lazy I suppose - not like the maids I have employed over the years that  I have been living in Bangkok.

  • Dating Thai Girls

    Online Dating

    I do not have to do this internet dating game, but two good friends of mine who live in Bangkok swear by it. In fact one of them finds a new girl on the internet every week with no intention of a long term relationship.

  • Thai Girls Feet - Again

    Better Feet

    Nothing has changed regarding my interest in Thai girls feet since my last post on the subject back in March 2009. I am still an avid fan of Thai girls feet  but am saddened to say that the standard of feet I see today is not the same as before.

  • Bangkok Stress !

    I really have had enough. Despite receiving advice from me and many ex pats in Bangkok, at least 4 of my friends and aquaintances are emotionally and financially  hammered, and thats just this last two weeks !

  • A Thai Bar Girls Career Progression - Bangkok

    Nong as an Escort

    I first met Nong (not her real name) about 6 years ago in a bar at Whitesands Beach, Koh Chang. She was a run of the mill, newly 'appointed' bar girl, who couldn't speak any English. She worked in one of the small bars down the hill from Paddy Palms and Top Resort.

  • Bangkok Bar Girl Classic - 5 Hours Work - 30000 baht

    I will call her Nam, but that is not her real name. I have known Nam about four years and she works as a service/waitress girl in Soi Cowboy. She just called me and sounded ecstatic. After calming down, she invited my girlfriend and I to go and eat at The Landmark. She went on to say that she

  • It just gets worse - Father Offering Daughter to Me

    Tonight I went out. Not to a farang oriented venue but to a quiet bar in On Nut, Bangkok. About 5km's from where I live. I ended up there because On Nut is the end of the skytrain line (at the moment) and as it was raining where I would normally get off (Thong Lor), I stayed on the train.

  • Thai Farmer One Minute, Restaurant Worker The Next.

    It was quite amazing really, the transformation was remarkable.

  • Thai Girls Always Wanting Money From Farang - Reversed

    Thai Money

    Its a good day today. I really love my Thai girlfriend. She has passed the test, even though it wasn't planned.

  • Bangkok Bar Girls, Restaurant Girls, and Laundry Girls

    Laundry Girls

    I really have to write about what has happened to me this month. It is a sign of the times in Thailand. Businesses are closing, tourism is way down and jobs are being lost. Many of the local businesses that remain open are losing money.

  • Tips and Advice for the Tourist in Bangkok

    Pay the bill

    Tourists in Bangkok are frequently subjected to scams of one sort or another. Many tourists don't realise it; others do realise it and arguments ensue. For the person visiting the city it is very useful to know what to look out for.

  • Another Farang in Thailand - Taken For A Ride

    I am losing count of how many farangs I hear that have been 'bankrupted' by a girl in Thailand. The vast majority of men who form a relationship with a girl here know that most of them just want money. Love from the girl rarely comes into it. Money rules.

  • Here We Go Again - When Are We Going To Learn

    Girl and Money

    'A British man has been murdered by his Thai bride and her lover- after predicting his own killing and sitting helplessly in his tropical 'palace' waiting for it to happen.' So says the ...