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  • Quick Trip to Bangkok to Remember My Mate Tony RIP.

    Shrine for Tony Gill

    Ok, just back from a couple of nights in Bangkok. I flew from Chiang Rai to Don Mueang on Nok Air - return fare was 2835 Baht, not bad seeing it was a long weekend holiday and booked at the last minute.

    The flight was rescheduled the day before I flew but at least Nok Air sent me an SMS

  • Thai Landlords - Greedy or Stupid?

    Condos in Bangkok

    It never ceases to amaze me how many Thai landlords bite their noses off to spite their face ! I live in a condominium complex that caters for medium income Thais and farang. The complex must house at least 2000 people, many of whom have cars, and clearly have spare money.