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  • Yet Another Farang Con Man - Do I Look Like A Mug ?

    I obviously need to change my appearance as I must look like a real mug.

    For the second time this month I have been the target of a farang fraudster. This was at 2100hrs today when I was in Villa Supermarket at Phrom Phong. I was getting some pork pies from the chiller when a young

  • Farang Fraudster or Beggar - Thong Lor

    At Christmas time in 2008 I was at Thong Lor BTS station withdrawing some cash out of an ATM. I can remember it well. As I was taking the cash from the dispenser a white guy walked up to me and engaged me in conversation.

    I was immediately suspicious ( as is my nature ) and was on my

  • Tips and Advice for the Tourist in Bangkok

    Pay the bill

    Tourists in Bangkok are frequently subjected to scams of one sort or another. Many tourists don't realise it; others do realise it and arguments ensue. For the person visiting the city it is very useful to know what to look out for.

  • Old Style Thai - Bill Padding, Overcharging for What ?

    Closed Sign

    I suppose it is to do with their culture, their inbuilt belief in today and little thought for tommorow. But it sometimes makes me frustrated ! Yes, I mean the Thai people - not all of them, but the majority who lack a good education.

  • 419 Scam - Apparently I Am Rich

    UPDATE June 2019: This post is still valid although there sems to have been a reduction in such 419 Scan emails.

    It would appear that I have many long lost relatives who have died recently in plane crashes, an earthquake and a military coup ! In fact I have lost 12 relatives in tragic