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  • THB - GBP Exchange Rate

    Businessman with a arrow pointing downwards

    No blog about Thailand would be complete without a post about the currency exchange rates.

    Being from the UK I will only concern my self with the Baht / British pound rate which is abysmal. We all know that there are two forces in play affecting this exchange rate.

    1. The

  • Bangkok Bar Girl Classic - 5 Hours Work - 30000 baht

    I will call her Nam, but that is not her real name. I have known Nam about four years and she works as a service/waitress girl in Soi Cowboy. She just called me and sounded ecstatic. After calming down, she invited my girlfriend and I to go and eat at The Landmark. She went on to say that she

  • Thai Girls Always Wanting Money From Farang - Reversed

    Thai Money

    55555555 Its a good day today. I really love my Thai girlfriend ! She has passed the test, even though it wasn't planned.

  • Bangkok Bar Girls, Restaurant Girls, and Laundry Girls

    Laundry Girls

    I really have to write about what has happened to me this month. It is a sign of the times in Thailand. Businesses are closing, tourism is way down and jobs are being lost. Many of the local businesses that remain open are losing money.

  • Another Farang in Thailand - Taken For A Ride

    I am losing count of how many farangs I hear that have been 'bankrupted' by a girl in Thailand. The vast majority of men who form a relationship with a girl here know that most of them just want money. Love from the girl rarely comes into it. Money rules.

  • Credit Crunch Comes To Soi Cowboy

    Credit Crunch Go Go Sign
    I was walking down Soi Cowboy last night, broke and feeling sorry for myself, when I heard the girls call out 'Hey Mav look at this'. This sort of thing is quite normal and at first I ignored it. But they continued shouting, even louder than before. I turned to them and nearly wet my
  • The End of the Good Life?

    Well I suppose it had to end sometime. My days of going out socialising, drinking and generally having fun are being severely curtailed ! With the currency exchange rate now standing at 50 baht for 1 GBP my disposable income has been reduced by nearly 300 GBP a month from what I had 6 weeks ago

  • Times Are Getting Harder

    Baht Notes

    I read today in the Thai press that the Thai tourism authorities are anticipating that the number of tourists coming to Thailand from the UK is going to increase from what it was last year !