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  • Bans for Smoking and Electronic Cigarettes In Thailand

    No smoking or vaping

    I just thought I would remind people in or coming to Thailand that the smoking ban that was introduced in 2014 and extended in 2017, is still in place and IS enforced. I will keep this brief.

  • Crazy - Smoking in the Home in Thailand Banned

    No Smoking Sign

    I appreciate that laws in Thailand are often ignored or not enforced but I find it hard to see how this one will ever be enforced or followed.

    A law will come into effect on 20th August 2019 making it an offence to endanger the health of others living under the same roof with

  • Drone Use in Thailand

    Top of the Range Drone

    Back in early 2018 it became necessary for drone owners in Thailand to get a permit for their use. These permits would be issued at local police stations.

    The penalty for flying a drone without a permit was set at a fine of 10,000 Baht and or 5 years in jail. Since then there have been

  • No Short Term Rentals Of Condominiums

    No Short Term Rentals

    It is great to see that many laws, rules and regulations are being enforced now after a long period of selective enforcement and sometimes a non existent regard for rules and the law. One such law prohibits people from renting condominiums by the day or week.