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Jetyod Road

  • New Bars in Jetyod Road, Chiang Rai

    Cowboy at the Bar

    Two new bars have emerged in the last couple of weeks in the Jetyod Road area of Chiang Rai. Or maybe I should say 1 1/2 bars.

  • Chiang Rai Lockdown Experiences


    The lockdown in Chiang Rai has been going on a few weeks. No bars, no massage, no alcohol. The last time I went to a bar in Jetyod Road was 17th March, This is not how retirement is meant to be. Let us hope the restrictions are lifted soon.

    So what have we been doing?

  • Teddy Bear and Roses - Bar Girl Ecstatic?

    Large Teddy Bear Delivred to a Bargirl

    Just thought I would post this. Make of it what you will.

    I was sat in the front of a beer bar in Chiang Rai the other night having a quiet beer. There was just 3 customers including me and 2 bar girls both of whom knew me. It was quite early, about 7.30pm.

    As I sat there I

  • Map of Jetyod Road, Chiang Rai - Girlie Bars

    Chiang Rai Clocktower

    There are obviously other areas in Chiang Rai that have some good bars, restaurants etc but this map is about Jetyod Road only. It is the only area where there is P4P for available as far as I know but as I have stated elsewhere, P4P is not available in all the bars. So please do not assume it

  • Beer Bars, P4P, Massage in Chiang Rai Town Centre

    Two Girls Working at Smile Bar

    Having been in Chiang Rai a few months I quickly realised that the bar scene revolving around P4P and bar girls is quite limited. But it does exist.

    Chiang Rai is nothing like Bangkok and certainly nothing like Pattaya.

    In fact when it comes to nightlife you will