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Exchange Rate

  • Thai Baht - Forecasts for 2020

    Up and Down Arrows

    It never ceases to amaze me that one set of Thai experts say one thing and another say the opposite at the same time.

    This is particularly true about the strength or weakening of the Thai Baht in 2020.


  • THB - GBP Exchange Rate

    Businessman with a arrow pointing downwards

    No blog about Thailand would be complete without a post about the currency exchange rates.

    Being from the UK I will only concern my self with the Baht / British pound rate which is abysmal. We all know that there are two forces in play affecting this exchange rate.

    1. The

  • Work and Retirement - Thoughts from Bangkok

    Some thoughts after spending years in Bangkok.

    I am lucky, or some would say sensible. But I know I am lucky.