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  • Bangkok Stress !

    I really have had enough. Despite receiving advice from me and many ex pats in Bangkok, at least 4 of my friends and aquaintances are emotionally and financially  hammered, and thats just this last two weeks !

  • Bangkok Bar Girl Classic - 5 Hours Work - 30000 baht

    I will call her Nam, but that is not her real name. I have known Nam about four years and she works as a service/waitress girl in Soi Cowboy. She just called me and sounded ecstatic. After calming down, she invited my girlfriend and I to go and eat at The Landmark. She went on to say that she

  • Dispicable Behaviour in Bangkok Restaurant

    I am in two minds whether to post this, but I suppose I have to :)

    Last night I popped into my favourite Indian Restaurant, India Today, located at the corner of Sukhumvit Road and Soi 8. They serve great food and the service is excellent. Anyway I went in and up to the second floor