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  • Its Got To Be Said - Where I Live In Bangkok Rocks

    LPN Developers

    I live in a condominium complex run by a major player in the condo business here in Bangkok. They have many complexes all over Bangkok and I expect they are all the same when it comes to living in them. I can assure you that this is the best community I have ever lived in, and I have lived in

  • Thai Electricity - UPS Essential

    Hard Drive Replacement

    I am normally tolerant and understand that the electricity supply in Bangkok can be temperamental, but my patience is running thin now. We have had four power cuts and power surges in 2 days, one caused by an area of land sinking causing power lines and a sewer pipe to collapse, and three

  • Bangkok Rental Apartments, Condo's and Electricity Prices

    Electricty in the Home

    Having spent the last few days looking for a new condo/ apartment to rent I have been surprised at the wide variation in prices you have to pay for electricity.
    Where I stay at the moment I pay the Metropolitan Electricity Authority myself, at the rate of about 3.5 baht a unit. Of the 8