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  • Similarities With Bangkok Bar Girls?

    Dark Girl Sat On Stool

    This is not about something that happened in Thailand but the same thing could easily happen here, or something very similar could happen as I describe at the end.

  • Teddy Bear and Roses - Bar Girl Ecstatic?

    Large Teddy Bear Delivred to a Bargirl

    Just thought I would post this. Make of it what you will.

    I was sat in the front of a beer bar in Chiang Rai the other night having a quiet beer. There was just 3 customers including me and 2 bar girls both of whom knew me. It was quite early, about 7.30pm.

    As I sat there I

  • My Mate and His Thai Girlfriend - Ex Bar Girl - Not?

    Lies and Smiling

    Following on from my previous post I want to tell you about the time I helped out a friend who I used to drink with in a pub in England. He wanted to kill me at first but soon thanked me for my actions and gave me money to cover my expenses. I took it of course. The story goes like this:

  • Thai Girlfriend Experience

    Thai Girl for Rent

    Thailand bar girls are renowned for the Thai Girlfriend Experience (TGE).

    Men travel from all over the world to Thailand to meet a bar girl and treat her as a girlfriend for a few days to a few months. Some even longer. This is fine if that is all the man wants.

    There is a big

  • Map of Jetyod Road, Chiang Rai - Girlie Bars

    Chiang Rai Clocktower

    There are obviously other areas in Chiang Rai that have some good bars, restaurants etc but this map is about Jetyod Road only. It is the only area where there is P4P for available as far as I know but as I have stated elsewhere, P4P is not available in all the bars. So please do not assume it

  • Beer Bars, P4P, Massage in Chiang Rai Town Centre

    Two Girls Working at Smile Bar

    Having been in Chiang Rai a few months I quickly realised that the bar scene revolving around P4P and bar girls is quite limited. But it does exist.

    Chiang Rai is nothing like Bangkok and certainly nothing like Pattaya.

    In fact when it comes to nightlife you will

  • Bangkok Bar Girls - Fiction or Fact

    Bar Girls Outside Spice Girls in Soi Cowboy

    Many visitors to Thailand encounter bar girls and share their experiences. Whether it is in a blog, website or actual hard copy.

    When you look for hard copy there are some great books around that share experiences in great depth, much more depth than a blog. But are they fact or

  • Blatant Racism In Soi Cowboy

    Dirty Washbasin

    I popped into the infamous Afterskool BJ bar in Soi Cowboy the other night to see the owner who I happen to know.

    After a few beers, I had to go to the toilet which is situated at the rear of the bar. These toilets are for customers and also act as a changing room and toilets for the

  • It Even Happens To Old Timers !

    I have been in Bangkok many years now and have been a good customer at one particular small bar. I was a good customer but no more.

  • Here We Go Again - Thai Bar Girl / Farang Husband #fail

    This is getting to be a regular thing for me, and this is the last time I am going to post about it. I am bored I have just heard of yet another Thai bar girl / farang marriage failing in exactly the same way as many have failed in the past.

  • Thai Girls Feet - Again

    Better Feet

    Nothing has changed regarding my interest in Thai girls feet since my last post on the subject back in March 2009. I am still an avid fan of Thai girls feet  but am saddened to say that the standard of feet I see today is not the same as before.

  • Buyers Beware - Farang/Bar Girl Relationships..........

    Broken Heart

    I have posted here on more than one occasion about men having 'serious relationships'  with Thai bar girls. Many other people have done the same on their blogs and even in books. The advice is always the same and is based on the experiences of many, many people and even my personal