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  • Bangkok Bar Girl Classic - 5 Hours Work - 30000 baht

    I will call her Nam, but that is not her real name. I have known Nam about four years and she works as a service/waitress girl in Soi Cowboy. She just called me and sounded ecstatic. After calming down, she invited my girlfriend and I to go and eat at The Landmark. She went on to say that she

  • It just gets worse - Father Offering Daughter to Me

    Tonight I went out. Not to a farang oriented venue but to a quiet bar in On Nut, Bangkok. About 5km's from where I live. I ended up there because On Nut is the end of the skytrain line (at the moment) and as it was raining where I would normally get off (Thong Lor), I stayed on the train.

  • Desperate Tourist Seen In Soi Cowboy !

    Baccara A Go Go

    Well this takes the biscuit ! I was in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok last night and popped into one of the older 'a go go' bars for a few cheap beers. The particular bar sells bottled beer at 75baht a bottle, and is a great place to start off a night out. Especially for me, as I am a cheap charlie at the

  • Fire in Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok - 21st August, 2009

    Fire - Sukhumvit Soi 8

    The coffee shop/ internet cafe situated more or less on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 8 went up in flames last night. The fire started on the ground floor and soon spread upwards. The Baan Dalah Spa and the Indian Today restaurant on either side were lucky not to have gone up in flames as well,

  • Beer Bars - Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 , Bangkok As It Was Years Ago

    Sweet Heart Bar

    Firstly I would like to apologise for the poor pics in this post. My main camera is in the pawn shop :) That's my excuse anyway.

    You can find Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 adjacent to Nana BTS (skytrain) station in Bangkok, Thailand. When you are in the station, and face towards the On Nut

  • Thai Girls Always Wanting Money From Farang - Reversed

    Thai Money

    Its a good day today. I really love my Thai girlfriend. She has passed the test, even though it wasn't planned.

  • Bangkok Bar Girls, Restaurant Girls, and Laundry Girls

    Laundry Girls

    I really have to write about what has happened to me this month. It is a sign of the times in Thailand. Businesses are closing, tourism is way down and jobs are being lost. Many of the local businesses that remain open are losing money.

  • Mercury A Go Go Bar, Nana Plaza

    Mercury A Go Go

    A Traditional Go Go Bar in Bangkok

    I still prefer traditional Bangkok Go Go bars over the newer upmarket ones you find elsewhere in town. I have always liked the small, cozy and dark bars that have plenty of girls, reasonable prices and a great atmosphere, but over the last year the

  • Health and Safety Rules in Thailand - NOT !

    Man on rope cleaning windows

    The other day the condo management company announced that the outside of the building was going to be painted. I went upstairs and looked out of the window to see the results. This is what I saw !

  • Used Sanitary Towels - Period Pains

    Just down the road from my condominium complex there is a footbridge over the road. I use it regularly on my jaunts down to the skytrain station. About two months ago I noticed a used sanitary towel lying on the lowest step of the stairway to the bridge. I thought nothing of it and continued

  • Boys in Brown - Go Plastic

    Plastic Police

    When I was in the UK some time ago, the placing of cardboard police officers in public places gave everyone a laugh. The experts said these lifesize cardboard figures would give the same feelings of guilt to bad people who saw them, as they would get if they saw a 'real' officer. As a result

  • Tips and Advice for the Tourist in Bangkok

    Pay the bill

    Tourists in Bangkok are frequently subjected to scams of one sort or another. Many tourists don't realise it; others do realise it and arguments ensue. For the person visiting the city it is very useful to know what to look out for.

  • Another Farang in Thailand - Taken For A Ride

    I am losing count of how many farangs I hear that have been 'bankrupted' by a girl in Thailand. The vast majority of men who form a relationship with a girl here know that most of them just want money. Love from the girl rarely comes into it. Money rules.

  • Unwanted Tenant Removal - Thai Style

    No Dogs

    I don't think that what I witnessed last night would be allowed in Britain - but it worked!

    A young Thai woman about 30 years of age, has been living in a condo on the same floor as mine for the last month. Soon after she moved in it was obvious to the rest of the people living on floor

  • Thai Girls Feet - Oasis Bar

    Girls feet

    Thai girls feet have always turned me on, well most of the time.

  • Credit Crunch Comes To Soi Cowboy

    Credit Crunch Go Go Sign
    I was walking down Soi Cowboy last night, broke and feeling sorry for myself, when I heard the girls call out 'Hey Mav look at this'. This sort of thing is quite normal and at first I ignored it. But they continued shouting, even louder than before. I turned to them and nearly wet my
  • Old Style Thai - Bill Padding, Overcharging for What ?

    Closed Sign

    I suppose it is to do with their culture, their inbuilt belief in today and little thought for tommorow. But it sometimes makes me frustrated ! Yes, I mean the Thai people - not all of them, but the majority who lack a good education.

  • The Competition in Soi Cowboy Hots Up !

    Our Place A Go Go

    Some new neon in Soi Cowboy.

  • The End of the Good Life?

    Well I suppose it had to end sometime. My days of going out socialising, drinking and generally having fun are being severely curtailed ! With the currency exchange rate now standing at 50 baht for 1 GBP my disposable income has been reduced by nearly 300 GBP a month from what I had 6 weeks ago

  • Bangkok Troubles

    Well I have not seen any troubles. If it wasn't for the news reports I would not even think anything was wrong in Bangkok. Life goes on where I am as it always does.