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  • My Favourite Bangkok Bars - Back in the Day

    Back in the day I lived in Bangkok. I was there for many years and spent a lot of time and money enjoying the nightlife. The first six years of my time there was one big party.

  • Bangkok Rubbish

    Landfill Site - Just Outside of Bangkok

    Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has announced that fees charged for rubbish disposal in Bangkok are going to rise from 1 Baht a day to over 3 Baht a day. Another sensible decision. It appears that Bangkokians only pay 7% of the cost of rubbish disposal at the moment. I hear people

  • Estate Agencies in Bangkok

    Man with House Keys

    Property Portals / Estate Agency Websites

    Having lived in Bangkok for many years I have moved about 7 times from condo to condo. Each time I have moved I have spent hours scouring the web and estate agency websites for a suitable property. Here I recommend an agency for those of you

  • Bangkok Places To Visit - Rod Fai Market and Papaya Vintage Shop

    Night Market - Rod Fai

    I have been browsing the web today and came across articles about two places in Bangkok worthy of a visit if you are interested in markets selling old, peculiar, vintage and other such items.

  • Bangkok Bar Girls - Fiction or Fact

    Bar Girls Outside Spice Girls in Soi Cowboy

    Many visitors to Thailand encounter bar girls and share their experiences. Whether it is in a blog, website or actual hard copy.

    When you look for hard copy there are some great books around that share experiences in great depth, much more depth than a blog. But are they fact or

  • Where is the beer in Bangkok

    Singha Ber

    Ok, I have been to 7-11, Family Mart, various bars, Big C, other outlets and either they have no booze, or are running very low on stocks. I hear two sides as to why.

  • Thai Aircraft Skids Off Runway At Airport - Logo Blacked Out

    Thai Airways plane skids off runway

    The recent blackening out of the logo of a Thai Airways aircraft after it had skidded off the runway at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok is typical of the way many people in Thailand still believe in the 'íf you didn't see it yourself then it didn't happen principle'. The attempt by the airline

  • Its Got To Be Said - Where I Live In Bangkok Rocks

    LPN Developers

    I live in a condominium complex run by a major player in the condo business here in Bangkok. They have many complexes all over Bangkok and I expect they are all the same when it comes to living in them. I can assure you that this is the best community I have ever lived in, and I have lived in

  • Here We Go Again - Thai Bar Girl / Farang Husband #fail

    This is getting to be a regular thing for me, and this is the last time I am going to post about it. I am bored I have just heard of yet another Thai bar girl / farang marriage failing in exactly the same way as many have failed in the past.

  • AIS 12 Call / TOT Customer Service

    It is not very often that I do this, in fact I don't remember doing it before, but I have to sing the praises of AIS 12 Call mobile telephone/ mobile data providers, and TOT broadband internet providers.

  • Thai Electricity - UPS Essential

    Hard Drive Replacement

    I am normally tolerant and understand that the electricity supply in Bangkok can be temperamental, but my patience is running thin now. We have had four power cuts and power surges in 2 days, one caused by an area of land sinking causing power lines and a sewer pipe to collapse, and three

  • Very Smelly Heavy Rain - Electric Pussy Cat Bar

    Electric Pussy Cat Bar

    An interesting thing happened the other night. I was waiting in the Electric Pussy Cat bar just off of Sukhumvit Soi 20 for my best mate and his son when it poured down with rain. I was fine as I was inside, but my mate and his son came in a few minutes later absolutely drenched.

  • Bangkok Stress !

    I really have had enough. Despite receiving advice from me and many ex pats in Bangkok, at least 4 of my friends and aquaintances are emotionally and financially  hammered, and thats just this last two weeks !

  • Visa Run - Bangkok To Vientiane, Laos

    'Visa run' time came around the other day and I chose to go from Bangkok to Vientiane in Laos. But I made the mistake of going by road.

    Whilst Laos was a lovely place and nothing like Bangkok, the trip to get there was a nightmare. We left Bangkok at about 8.30 pm and travelled

  • Business As Usual in Afterskool, Soi Cowboy

    Afterskool Business Card

    If you have never been in the infamous Afterskool bar, in Soi Cowboy and were handed this business card by a friend, what would you think about the bar ?

    If you were astute you would realise that the cards bland look disguises what the bar is really like :)

  • Thai Landlords - Greedy or Stupid?

    Condos in Bangkok

    It never ceases to amaze me how many Thai landlords bite their noses off to spite their face ! I live in a condominium complex that caters for medium income Thais and farang. The complex must house at least 2000 people, many of whom have cars, and clearly have spare money.

  • A Thai Bar Girls Career Progression - Bangkok

    Nong as an Escort

    I first met Nong (not her real name) about 6 years ago in a bar at Whitesands Beach, Koh Chang. She was a run of the mill, newly 'appointed' bar girl, who couldn't speak any English. She worked in one of the small bars down the hill from Paddy Palms and Top Resort.

  • Yet Another Farang Con Man - Do I Look Like A Mug ?

    I obviously need to change my appearance as I must look like a real mug.

    For the second time this month I have been the target of a farang fraudster. This was at 2100hrs today when I was in Villa Supermarket at Phrom Phong. I was getting some pork pies from the chiller when a young

  • Farang Fraudster or Beggar - Thong Lor

    At Christmas time in 2008 I was at Thong Lor BTS station withdrawing some cash out of an ATM. I can remember it well. As I was taking the cash from the dispenser a white guy walked up to me and engaged me in conversation.

    I was immediately suspicious ( as is my nature ) and was on my

  • Asoke Place (short time ) - Near Soi Cowboy

    Asoke Place Short Time

    Ok, who recognizes this entrance? Who has fond memories of the place? For 300 odd Baht you can rent a room at Asoke Place for three hours. Or you can stay longer for a bit more. Longer stayers get better rooms than the short stayers.