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No smoking or vaping

I just thought I would remind people in or coming to Thailand that the smoking ban that was introduced in 2014 and extended in 2017, is still in place and IS enforced. I will keep this brief.

There are Two Prongs to the Smoking and Vaping Ban


1. Smoking is prohibited in public areas which include beaches.

Apparently, tourists are receiving on the spot fines for smoking on beaches as I write this (includes vaping - see below). So this law has not faded away.

No smoking areas are normally signed but may not be. Public areas include restaurants, bars, public toilets and the like

Some bars allow smoking - I am not sure how they get around the ban although I could speculate....

2. Possession of Electronic Cigarettes is Illegal

Possessing electronic cigarettes and associated products, shisha smoking, and electronic shishas are also illegal.

Travelers to Thailand are advised NOT to have electronic cigarettes or associated paraphernalia in their luggage. With the increase in the scanning of incoming baggage at Suvarnabhumi airport having such items will be easily detected and cause the owner problems.

The reasons for the bans are the same as in other countries with similar bans. The promotion of healthy living for all.

Remember, saying you were unaware of the rules when you are caught will not get you very far unless you are lucky and get an official who is having a good day.

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