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Dark Girl Sat On Stool

This is not about something that happened in Thailand but the same thing could easily happen here, or something very similar could happen as I describe at the end.

My First Encounter With Bar Girls

The story starts in 1974 when I was a young boy soldier on an exercise in St Lucia. I was one of three boy soldiers selected to go on the exercise along with regualr army and SBS. Our job was maintaining communications with the UK whilst the regulars did their thing.

Anyway, after 3 weeks on the island we were given 3 days off.

So off we went exploring.

After a bit of sightseeing we ended up in a local village for the evening. We came across a white walled building with a 'Bar' sign above the door, so we walked in hoping to get a beer. It had obviously just opened. One girl was placing bottles from an ice box onto a table. Another table with a record player on it was in a corner. There was no other furniture in the place. The walls were whitewashed and that was it. 

The girl could speak English and we got our beers. After giving them to us she ran out the door saying that she would be back in 10 minutes.

Sure enough, a few minutes later she returned with 6 girls, all aged about 17 - 25. The record player was switched on and reggae boomed out for the next few hours. We had a few beers and local rum mixed with coke. We had a great time. 3 guys with a load of girls and spending loads of money!

Bounty Rum From St Lucia

Being somehwhat naive I was really attracted to one of them and suggested I stayed at her place that night. She instantly agreed but said she would love a gift to remember me by. 

When the bar closed me and the girl walked down the road into a shanty town. I was a little bit pissed but not too pissed. We walked into a wooden hut that was sectioned off into areas by curtains. As she guided me towards one area I heard snoring coming from behind one of the curtains. I asked the girl who it was, she replied, "Don't worry it is my husband, he will be too drunk to hear us". You can imagine my reaction, I turned and fled.

When I got back to our camp I found out that the bar we were in was a well known 'knocking shop'  and not somewhere we should have gone.

It Happens With Bar Girls Everywhere

The moral to this story is that many girls you meet in similar bars, anywhere in the world, have boyfriends or husbands. Most of the girls are not interested in the guy in the bar, only his money. That is fine if the guy knows that from the start and is happy with that arrangement, but I do not recommend going back to 'her place'. 

Back To Bangkok Bar Girls

This reminds me of the time when I had been in Bangkok for a few months. I met a girl in a sort of table dancing / go go bar in Soi 7/1 (gone ages ago) I became her regular 'customer' and I was well aware of that. But it suited me at the time.

I was outside the bar one day when she turned up on a motorbike driven by a Thai guy. She introduced him as her cousin, I bought him a beer and off he went. I didn't think anything of it and eventually bar fined her for a week and we went to Koh Chang.

After 3 days on the island we were in bed at 3 am one morning when her phone rang. I could hear she was talking to a guy in the Thai language but had no idea what they were saying. But the guy sounded angry. She handed me the phone. I didnt understand why she handed it to me but I took it and said 'Hello'. The guy sounded drunk and threatened to shoot me.

It transpired that it was her cousin who was actually her jealous husband. The next morning we returned to Bangkok and went our seperate ways without me giving her any money.

Something you all should bear in mind when you have fun!.

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