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Server Configuration

Web Hosting Decision

It is that time of the year when I need to reorganise what web hosting I have for my websites and the other stuff I am developing. I need to split them between hosting in Europe and Asia Pacific.

For the last two years I have been using Fastcomet (Singapore datacenter) for everything. I decided to look around and try and find a cheaper deal. Splitting web hosting between London and Singapore will mean 2 separate web hosting accounts.

In respect of one site I am developing I have to have a specific configuration of the database. I could use a VPS (virtual private server) and could configure it myself, but the level of my income at the moment dictates that I need to use the vastly cheaper shared hosting.

So, I contacted three well known hosting companies using the 'live chat' facility on their websites. It looks like 2 out of the 3 outsource their live chat to call centres where the staff of which, were totally useless. I asked about the database configuration I needed and neither of the 2 had a clue as to what I was talking about. After explaining in words of one syllable and getting nowhere, I asked that they refer the question to their technical support or let me speak with the techies. CANNOT!

So that was 2 companies binned in the first hour.

The 3rd (InMotion) was excellent and got me the information I needed in a few minutes. Their configurations were not suitable for my needs so I didn't bother with them. But the person on the live chat was fast, knowledgeable and efficient.

So, guess what, I checked up with Fastcomet and found they were offering 70% discount on a 12 month deal. So I cancelled my current deal, and took the 70% off deal. As I have already been with them 2 years I had no reservations about staying with them.

They are continuing with some great deals - CHECK FASTCOMET OUT.

So now onto hosting in Europe (London to be precise). As I only need to host a couple of small sites which do not need email, I ended up with AWS Lightsail for 3.5 usd a month. But I don't recommend them for general web hosting if you are a non techie. In my view the help files they have are not at all easy to follow, disjointed and useless for the normal person.

So Fastcomet it is.

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