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Eve Online - Space Station

Into Sci Fi? Try EVE Online - a Great Game?


If so, maybe you are looking for something fun to keep you in your house or condo. If you have a desktop PC or decent Laptop, then you must try the sci-fi game EVE Online. There is no mobile version of the game although there are 'admin style apps' available for android and ios. I will point out right now that if you are into games that give instant gratification then this game is not for you.

Eve Online has a steep learning curve and to be honest you will always be learning something to improve your game. I have been playing on and off for 13 years and l am still learning things now. I was out too much in the Bangkok Beer Bars and Go Go's and then found this game - it saved me loads of money :)

The game type is a massively multiplayer and is set in a persistent space environment. A player has an amazing number of things they can do. You can take part in solo or huge space battles against both player characters and non-player characters, there is trading (huge number of products/ items and I mean huge), manufacturing items or ships to use or sell, resource mining, agent missions, exploration and more. 

But this game is not for the faint-hearted, it takes skill and time to become good at any part of it. You can start with what is called an alpha character which is totally free to play. Then if you like the game you can upgrade to an Omega status which allows quicker and more beneficial progress.

EVE Online - Skiff - Mining Barge

When you start there are tutorials you can follow in whatever type of activity you want to start with. These are worth doing as there are rewards of ships, ISK (the in-game currency) and more. If you sign up for EVE online via the link below you will get 1 million skill points to use - a great boost to early game progress. You do these activities at the same time as learning skills and that is where the 1 million skill points are handy. You do not get these skill points if you sign up in any other way.

This game is huge, daunting at first, but there is loads of help available. Both on the internet and through the in-game chat channels.

Most of the time there are more than 16000 players connected.  Sometimes many thousands more. Despite these huge numbers, space is vast and you can easily find planetary systems with few players in them, then, on the other hand, there are systems where hundreds of players live or visit for one reason or another.

It is impossible to describe everything within the game as I don't know it all. So the best way is to try an alpha character and see for your self. But remember,  this game is not Farmville!

The bits of advice I will give you:

  1. Take it slowly and read a lot -. there are hundreds of resources on the web to help you, just google eve online help, or tutorials etc.
  2. Do not expect to be a capable spaceship pilot in a few hours
  3. Do not buy ships that you cannot afford to lose. In other words, don't spend all your money on a ship - you will lose it at some point, everyone loses ships, even seasoned pilots.
  4. When you start, you are automatically in a noobies corporation - when you have decided which direction you will take in the game, join another suitable corporation.

and finally, don't forget to sign up to EVE Online from here. You will get 1million skill points to use which gives you a huge boost!

EVE Online - Viator

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