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Kindle Reader

Just a reminder to all the ex pats in Thailand who crave after a good book to read that is written in English. Yes, some Thai book shops have a few, but the books they do stock are expensive and a pain in the proverbial to find. It is much easier to use a kindle and download  ebooks from Amazon

They might not deliver an actual kindle to Thailand, but you can download a free app to your mobile, tablet or desktop that acts as a kindle.

My Kindle Is Indispensible in Thailand

I have had an actual kindle from Amazon for years and cannot live without it. I also have the kindle app on my desktop computers, laptop, phone and tablet. They all sync with one another so you can start reading on one device, go to another device and carry on where you left off - but they need to be connected to the internet of course to do that.

It is so much easier to get a book from wherever you are, it is sent to your device automatically, and ready to start being read in seconds. That is if you have registered your kindle or app to your account on Amazon which is easy to do.

I normally wait for books to be on offer and get them at no more than a couple of pounds in price, normally only 99p. But don't expect that price with recently published books or worldwide best sellers.

There is also Kindle Unlimited - great if you read a lot! Unlimited access to kindle books for a monthly fee. Free trial available.

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