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Shrine for Tony Gill

Ok, just back from a couple of nights in Bangkok. I flew from Chiang Rai to Don Mueang on Nok Air - return fare was 2835 Baht, not bad seeing it was a long weekend holiday and booked at the last minute.

The flight was rescheduled the day before I flew but at least Nok Air sent me an SMS to that effect in plenty of time. Anyway, the Nok Air experience was as expected. No problems. Boarding and disembarking was quick and easy. I had not checked in any luggage so that probably helped.

From landing at Don Mueang to exiting the airport was no more than 10 minutes. There was no queue for a taxi so I didnt have to cross over the roads outside to find one. What I did though, before getting a taxi, was buying a burger from Burger King - something I had sorely missed. I put it in my bag to devour when I reached the hotel.

Night Out in Shag Bar 2 in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Anyway, later that day I popped down to Sukhumvit Soi 20. To Shag Bar 2 to be exact. This is my favorite bar in Bangkok and over the years I must have spent at least 200k in there :) The crazy thing is that I forgot my phone so I could not take any pictures! But as usual, what was going to be a few drinks and then on to Nana, didn't happen. I left there at 2345hrs and if I had not been going to my mate's remembrance service the next day I would probably have been in the bar all night. Great to meet up with both new and old 'girlfriends'.We had a few drinks for our mate.

So the next day was sad. My Mate Tony had died on 27th August, 2019, in India.  His body had been cremated back in the UK. His death is the subject of an earlier post relating to DVT.

The memorial service, if its called that in Thailand, was held at Wat Dhammonkol in Sukhumvit 101, Punnawithi. 5 monks presided over proceedings.  Tony's widow had laid it out nicely. The picture at the top of this post is his portrait and urn containing a portion of his ashes. It was a sad time, but life has to go on.

After the service I went back to the hotel before attending a 'party' to celebrate Tonys life. This was held at 101 Restaurant, a frequent haunt of his. There was no more Nana or Sukhumvit 20 that night, I didn't really feel like it.

The next day I went to the new Century Plaza in On Nut and was not at all impressed. It seemed to be all coffee shops and salons. I much preferred the old On Nut Market area which was demolished to make way for this 'same same' shopping mall.

Then back to Chiang Rai. I hope the next trip back to BKK will be better and not for a similar reason.

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