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Diagram of the human body showing major organs

Having been abusing my digestive system for the last year or more I decided to research the various types of detoxification programs that can be followed to make things better. On my travels I came across various websites about a pretty serious subject; a mans prostate gland. 

One site I came across was about venues in Pattaya and Bangkok. I will leave you to decide whether or not prostate massage will be beneficial to your health and well being. I will try it one day and find out! Search for it on Google or got to Bangkok Prostrate and Genital Massage Services

If anyone has tried it let me know please.

Hydrohealth, Bangkok

At the moment though, I think I will stick to colonic irrigation which is a tried and tested method of relieving all sorts of bowel conditions. I go to the Hydrohealth clinic at the Erawan Centre, Ploenchit. It's expensive (there are cheaper places in Bangkok) but worth it in the long run. You can find it on the top floor at the Erawan center.

On arrival, a doctor checks your blood pressure and if all is well you go and basically sit on a plastic tube which slides into your rectum. To put it simply, the next 30 or so minutes sees specially treated water enter and leave your body, and as it leaves it takes a lot of the 'bad' stuff with it. An important point to note is that some 'good' gut bacteria is also lost and this MUST be replaced at the end of the treatment by way of a couple of tablets the center supplies.

It is worth noting that some non - professional colinic irrigation treatments can cause more problems than they relieve. If a plastic tube is inserted into the rectum too deeply, or in the wrong way, damage can be caused to the lining of the gut.

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