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Pegasus Club

Ok I have dished out 30000 baht for membership at The Pegasus Club in Sukhumvit Soi 23, and 20000 baht for membership of The Champagne Room near Sukhumvit Soi 4.

Expensive yes, but the membership at both places include bottles of Black label, bar fines and such like. Its worth it in the long run - especially at The Pegasus Club because they have a very good band and excellent shows. The Pegasus Club is a very big gentlemans club, very plush - they have many girls available :

1. Talking girls - you can choose a girl just to sit with you and talk ! I cannot understand this but it seems to be very popular with Japanese customers.

2. Normal girls - available for anything

3. Models - also available for anything, can speak english - but prices vary depending on their breast size. Sounds crazy but its true !

The various girls who are available cost different amounts, you even have to pay for a 'talking girl'. I have not taken any of the girls and will be cashing in my free bar fines for extra bottles of whisky....

Pegasus Club

Members of the Pegasus Club can take in a guest(s) of either sex but you have to pay extra on your bill for the particular evening. I believe it is between 500 and 900 baht for each guest.

The Champagne Room is much smaller - but cosier. More of a personal feel about the place. Prices are cheaper than The Pegasus Club, and the girls are just as good. Its nice to go there for a drink to get away from the hectic Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Unfortunately the Champagne Room closed for reasons I will not mention.

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