Now we had the land it was time to choose the design of the house and the developer. It was now March, 2023. I let my wife research and choose the developer and design. All I was interested in was that it met our requirements.

Kwang spent hours searching the internet, reading forums, visiting developers websites etc. She finally chose the company called Moderm Tage House and Design and a 4 bedroom house design from their website. The image on this page is the house design she chose.

As the house design was not exactly what we wanted we went to their office in Chiang Rai to see if we could alter the design of the interior layout. We wanted to reduce the number of bedrooms to 3, Then using the space created, add a walkin wardrobe and a bigger ensuite bathroom with a bath. In addition, we wanted a hot water system throughout the house.

They readily agreed to the modifications to the design. We were very pleased and paid a deposit of 25,000 Baht to lock in the price of the house and their time. One of their architects would change the plans and arrange a building permit from the local authorities for us. We had 6 months to arrange financing for the build. If we were unable to do so within the 6 months we would lose the deposit. Fair enough I thought.

They altered the plans and got the building permit for us. We were given a copy of the plans, 46 sheets of A3 paper! By this time about 4 months of the 6 had elapsed. 

We were still waiting to find the finance but things on that front were looking up. More about this is in a  later post.

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