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Back in the day I lived in Bangkok. I was there for many years and spent a lot of time and money enjoying the nightlife. The first six years of my time there was one big party.

Beer, Pool and Girls

Most of the time I was in Sukhumvit 7/1, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy or the Sukhumvit 22 area. I didn't really go in for the British / Irish Pubs or Sports Bars, preferring the more seedy and fun places. I did go through a phase where my mate Tony (RIP) and I used to play pool - The Sportsman, Hustlers and Players. Also Oasis 2 in Suk 13 comes to mind. I very nearly bought my own pool cue!

Obviously things change over the years, but my all time favourite is Shag Bar 2 located in a side soi off of Sukhumvit 20 / Sukhumvit Road.

Small and dark, just as I like them.

Before that, it was Shag Bar in Sukhumvit 20. (Same owner)

The sad thing is that up until about 2006 I didn't take many photo's and really regret it. All I have left from my days in Washington Square, Clinton Plaza, the bars at the corner of Sukhumvit 21, and the old street bars, are memories. But such is life.

In the gallery below are some of my favourite bars that I used to spend time in that I actually photographed. Short time in some, long time in others.

The Dollhouse in Cowboy should be included, but I cannot find the pic I took. I don't want someone else's, I will find it one day!

Feel free to download them as you wish and use them to cement memories of the good old days. The newbies in Bangkok don't know what they have missed.

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