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Over the last couple of weeks I have been spending a lot of time moving everything from my old blog to this new site. I have neglected my wife a little bit and she is showing signs of discontent :)   Therefore I am forced to publish this picture of her and our cats.

She looks a lot younger than she really is.

UK Visit Visas

We have been together nearly 4 years (not the cats) and have been to England together 4 times. Her English is getting better all the time and I am lucky to have her. She has had 2 visit visas to go to the UK (2 trips on each) and obtaining a UK visit visa was easy. Contact us if you need advice.

The main thing is to ensure that there is checkable evidence of a reason to return to Thailand in the application. She will also need to show that she has funds available (from a sponsor or herself) to cover her time in the UK.

Our Cats


Our cats are called Mocca and Latte. Latte is the Persian cat, and Mocca the grey cat. We spend more money on their food than we do on our own, my wife says that's not true but it seems that way.

Kwang and Latte

Kwang is from Phayao and is what us westerners call a housewife. She is an excellent cook, both Thai food and western food,  gardener and big boss. I have to say the latter. Gardening is not my scene but it is hers. She is also likes going out with me to farang style bars. She is getting more and more like a farang Thai every day.

Our Cats

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