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Mercury A Go Go, Nana Plaza

A Traditional Go Go Bar in Bangkok

I still prefer traditional Bangkok Go Go bars over the newer upmarket ones you find elsewhere in town. I have always liked the small, cozy and dark bars that have plenty of girls, reasonable prices and a great atmosphere, but over the last year the numbers of them are diminishing.

I have not been to Nana Plaza for a couple of years so do not know what bars are what right now (June 2019) so this is my experience from a few years ago.

My favourite was Mercury Bar in Nana Plaza.  It fitted the bill completely. Especially the prices -  they were 90 baht for Chang, Heineken or Singha and 120 baht for the other beers.

Its dim lighting and red decor sets the mood of the place. Couple that with good music and plenty of friendly girls (they have about 40) and you have a great place for a fun evening. What I especially liked was that the girls were of all shapes, sizes and ages instead of the 'Coyote' stereotype found elsewhere AND they were not too pushy when it came to drinks.

There was one girl that caught my eye - she was about 25 years old, very small, with very small breasts. She was full of fun but her knee length boots were way to big for her. She couldn't walk properly in them, let alone dance ! She couldn't have been much taller than 4 feet. She wasn't a midget just small. The mamasang told me that they didn't make boots small enough for her !


Mercury bar will be one of my regular haunts if it is still there when I go back to Bangkok.

If it is still there you can find Mercury very easily. Just go into Nana Plaza, take the escalator on the right hand side then at the top of the escalator turn immediately right and Mercury is in front of you, just 3 steps away.



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