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Man on Massage Table With Towel

As time goes on the frequency of massage treatments I receive are not showing any signs of slowing.

Massage Shop - Restrictions

I have noticed over the last year that the number of massage shops in Chiang Rai that do not allow anything other than a normal oil massage, is increasing. I have no idea why.

But as with a lot of things, the ingenuity of Thai staff to get round restrictions still has a place, even in some massage shops.

I have noticed that even though the staff make it quite clear that a HJ is not available, and in fact one shop I go to has signs on the walls to that effect, some staff have a method to ensure they receive 'tips'.

In some of the 'restricted shops' some staff totally ignore the restrictions, some don't. It is a bit hit or miss.

But there is a method where some who refuse to give a HJ actually make the recipient climax without doing it in the normal way. Various methods are employed but the end result is the same.

One method is stimulating points around the anus whilst massaging the scrotum.

Another method is massaging the stomach with their forearms, brushing against an erect member as they do it.

Yet another method employed is to use their fingers to massage and stimulate the area around the base of the penis. This is hard to explain but it works. Sorry no video available and if there was I would not post it here.

But I reiterate. Not all staff in massage shops carry out anything other than a normal massage. Do not assume anything different.

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