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There are obviously other areas in Chiang Rai that have some good bars, restaurants etc but this map is about Jetyod Road only. It is the only area where there is P4P for available as far as I know but as I have stated elsewhere, P4P is not available in all the bars. So please do not assume it is.

Best Bets for P4P and Available Girls

Your best bets if you are looking for girlie bars and P4P are Lam Yai Bar, 69 Bar and Nena Bar/ 69 Secret bar but don't forget the best time to go is after 7.30pm.

Jetyod Road is very easy to find as it starts at the Clocktower and runs parallel with Phaholyothin Rd which runs through the centre of town. Only a 5 minute walk from the town bus station. I suggest that you find an ATM before hitting the bars as there are none in Jetyod Road. ATM's can be found in Phaholyothin Rd

You will see from the map that a soi known as Soi Massage runs off of Jetyod Road, alongside the Wancome Hotel. The soi is mainly made up of massage shops, 2 bars and the odd restaurant/hostel. There is also off road  car parking available by the hotel for 30 Baht a time. This will be the subject of another map in due course.

UPDATE: 9 August, 2019. Nena Bar has changed to 69 Secret Bar and Cat Bar has closed in its original location and moved to behind Lam Yai bar

UPDATE November 2019: Dragon Breath Bar has also closed. Map amended.

UPDATE December 2019: Coconuts Bar has opened next to Cat Bar at the back of Lam Yai. with a pool table, cocktails, whisky and beer. Mohawk bar also open opposite Cat Bar.

UPDATE: January 2020: Coconuts is now Awe's Coffee / Bar. Still with pool, cocktails, whisky, beer and now various alchoholic and normal coffees as well.

UPDATE: July 2020: Tulip Bar has opened in Soi Massage. Calypso Bar has opened behind Lam Yai Bar. Mons Bar has changed hands.

UPDATE: August 2020: Mons Bar is now Get 2 Her Bar , Bar 184 is now the Bavarian Beer House with excellent looking German food.

A new bar called Pen Bar has also opened nearly opposite Cat Bar but I think it is shut until more customers are about.

 Map of Jetyod Road, Chiang Rai

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