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I have been meaning to write about this for ages. I am lazy I suppose - not like the maids I have employed over the years that  I have been living in Bangkok.

Maids - Fun times

At the time of writing I have lived in 4 separate condos in different parts of the city and in each one I have employed maids to do general cleaning and laundry (not live in). I recruited them by word of mouth or from a small advertisement on the condominium notice board. Each maid and there has been 6 of them in total, have been excellent. I paid them the going rate which over time has varied from 200 - 500 Baht a day.

They were aged between 18 years and 40 - nothing special to look at, just pleasant girls. All were punctual, diligent and reliable. They had another thing in common as well - they were interested in extra activities - sex.

It started the same way with each maid. After a few visits and having got to know them a bit I told them I needed a massage and was going to a massage shop for an hour or two. They all told me not to go but give them the money and they would do it after they finished cleaning. I took them up on the offers and the massage from each of them soon expanded into sex.

3 were married (or so they said) the other 3 were single (or so they said 5555). The extra duties they performed went on until I moved condo or they just moved away. Now what worries me is this question. Is it normal for a maid to be like this ?

What prompted me to write this now is that my maid has just left my condo.

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