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No Smoking Sign

I appreciate that laws in Thailand are often ignored or not enforced but I find it hard to see how this one will ever be enforced or followed.

A law will come into effect on 20th August 2019 making it an offence to endanger the health of others living under the same roof with second-hand smoke.

Smoking at Home Banned - Does it Need State Intervention?

Apparently smokers will be given 90 days to refrain from the habit, which puts relatives living under the same roof at serious health risk, according to the 2019 Family Development and Protection Act announced in the Royal Gazette.

Violators will be tried at juvenile or criminal courts where people found guilty can be ordered to stop smoking in the house and / or take a course to quit smoking.

The Thai authorities reckon that 8278 people died in Thailand last year due to second hand smoke. They don't say how they worked that figure out.

Source: Bangkok Post

Quite an amazing law even if it is well intentioned. Surely this issue can be sorted out in households and doesn't need state intervention? I know a lot of people will ignore it, not a few, but millions.

In my view a far better law would be to do with the installation of sub standard electrical wiring. But first I suppose there needs to be standards set in the first place.

But as I am not Thai its not my business.

UPDATE November 2019: I have heard no more about this, nothing in the Thai English language press.

It would appear that this is another rule in Thailand that has been forgotten - I am not surprised. Are you?

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