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I have just returned home from a great few days in Koh Chang. This time I was very lucky with the weather. As its the rainy season it normally pours with rain there everyday, sometimes all day! This time it didn't rain at all !

My girlfriend and I travelled there in an air con bus from Ekamai bus station in Bangkok to just outside Trat. Then a taxi to the ferry and to the hotel. Total time was about 6hrs 30 minutes. The best part was the price - the journey cost a total of 900 baht. Not each, but for both of us together. Way cheaper than by plane and very easy.

We stayed at 'Top Resort' in the Whitesands Beach area where i have stayed many times before. The resort and hotel are built in lovely surroundings, see the pic above, but I do not think I will be going back. The reason ? Well, if I am going to give an hotel a good rating the shower in the room has to be efficient and give loads of water with plenty of pressure.

Sadly this was not the case in the room I stayed in this time, and it was not the case when I stayed in a different room there 3 months ago. The shower head was caked with mineral deposits, and no matter what I did the deposits would not come off. I would hate to think what the inside of the main water heating unit was like, but the end result was a trickle of water spraying weakly out of about 8 holes in the head.
I mentioned it to the staff who basically said there was nothing they could do about it ?? In my view all the showers in the hotel need replacing as a matter of urgency.

On one of the days I revisited the massage place at Kai Bae where I had a 'Viagra Massage' about a year ago. I had the same this time and it was as good as the last. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Kai Bae. The lady who does it is a bit older than most but she is brilliant.

Massage Sign - Viagra Massage
We left Koh Chang at midday and travelled back the same way as we came, but this time the journey took 7hrs 30 minutes - a bit long, but the price made up for it !

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