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LPN Condos

I live in a condominium complex run by a major player in the condo business here in Bangkok. They have many complexes all over Bangkok and I expect they are all the same when it comes to living in them. I can assure you that this is the best community I have ever lived in, and I have lived in many around the world.

They have rules. No pets in the condominiums, no gas, no disturbance to neighbours, no loud music, no defaulting on water bills payable to the management company, no late payment of electricity bills to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority - and more.

They have it right. They actually enforce the rules instead of being dictated to by political correctness! Ok the electricity bills are enforced by the MEA, but they actually do it. No pussy footing about, if you don't pay your electricity bill, after a short period of time they disconnect you - not months later like in the UK but very quickly. I love it - no scroungers here which everyone else has to pay for!

Likewise, if you don't pay your water bill your water is cut off  a few weeks after the due by date - not months or years as in the UK. I love it - no scroungers here which everyone else has to pay for!

It gets better. My neighbour had 3 small dogs who were allowed to foul the communal corridors. The management company told the owner to get rid of the pets or move out. My neighbour ignored the warning to get rid of the pets. As a result they had their water cut off. They soon moved out.

It gets even better, a friend of mine had a neighbour in the same complex as me who repeatedly played loud music at all hours of the day and night. What happened....the offenders electricity was cut off ! They soon stopped LOL. Excellent.

Anti social people in this complex are not tolerated. My thanks to the management company for making a truly great community for us to live in. Before you ask,  it is the LPN Development Group I am talking about - they could teach the UK housing associations / departments a thing or two, and no doubt similar organisations all over the western world.

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