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Gaining Votes for Cash

According to a recent poll by Bangkok's Assumption University a majority of Thai voters say they are willing to accept money from election candidates who want to buy their votes. The university surveyed 2,604 eligible voters in Bangkok and 17 other provinces finding that 53.2 per cent would be willing to sell their votes, 40.2 per cent would not and 6.6 per cent were undecided.

Selling Votes - 2000 Baht Received

The poll also found that 79.5 per cent of those surveyed admitted vote buying took place in their communities, while 20.5 per cent denied it.'

Well there is a thing !  I think we all knew it has been going on for many, many years.

Only recently, my girlfriend took a bus from Bangkok to her home in NE Thailand just to vote in a local election. She literally left Bangkok at about 7pm for the 12 hour trip, and returned 36 hours later. She put herself through a hellish round trip just so that her family would receive 2000 Baht and save face.

To me the trip was farcical, the whole idea of vote buying is farcical.

Why on earth it is allowed to continue is beyond me. Whilst I appreciate corruption is a part of Thai society this area of a supposed democratic process surely needs to be cleaned up before anything else.

Come on Thailand get a grip.

UPDATE March 2019

Even the Bangkok Post is publicising it.

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