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Tonight I went out. Not to a farang oriented venue but to a quiet bar in On Nut, Bangkok. About 5km's from where I live. I ended up there because On Nut is the end of the skytrain line (at the moment) and as it was raining where I would normally get off (Thong Lor), I stayed on the train.

I was the only farang in the place, and soon got chatting to the locals. The prices were realistic, and the music was of my type. I had about 5 beers whilst there and I saw the locals have about 3, but they were pissed beyond comprehension. One guy, about 55 years old, tried to sell me his daughter who works in Tesco Lotus. He described her down to her genitals and said that his family wanted her to have a farang. This amazed me - I thought you would only find this in Sukhumvit. But no.

I politely stated that his daughter was young enough to be my daughter, but he said it did not matter! He went on to say that she had no future with a Thai man and working in Tesco Lotus. She (more likely her family) needed a farang!

This is Thailand.

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