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I have been in Bangkok many years now and have been a good customer at one particular small bar. I was a good customer but no more.

The other night I went into the bar at about 0330 - 0345 and stayed for 2 hours.  I was the only customer - with 3 staff.  I thought I knew the staff quite well, and to try to keep them happy I rang the bell 4 times to put some money in their pockets.  Two hours later I asked for the bill - the amount they wanted was extortionate. It was as if I had rung the bell 15 times ! Apparently 4 of us had consumed over 15 drinks each in 2 hours !  That figure is worked out at the cost of staff drinks. In actual fact my  drinks would have been 40 Baht cheaper and therefore I must have drunk about 18 shorts ! We should all have been in hospital.

That's 1 drink every 6 or 7  minutes for me and 1 drink every 8 minutes for them....say I got my times wrong and was in there 4 hours ( I wasn't as I was in another bar until it closed at about 3am ) I would still have been drinking 1 drink every 12 or 13  minutes for 4 hours ! A visit to the local police station soon sorted the matter out and I paid what I really owed - less than half of what the bar wanted.

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