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Songkran Fun

Its getting close to the Thai National Holiday - Songkran. I have avoided it for the last 4 years because of a nasty bug I caught 5 years ago. As most people know it is traditional in Thailand to soak each other with water during the Songkran festivities. The principle is fine and very many people have great fun. But the question you need to ask yourself is 'where does the water come from that is used to soak you ?'

5 years ago I was soaked many times over the 3 days. I ingested some of the water and ended up very ill for 3 weeks with a stomach illness. The water that was used was being taken from one of Bangkok's canals. On another occasion it was being taken from a large container of water in a toilet area. Thinking about it now makes me cringe ! So I have a few words of advice for those about to participate - be careful not to ingest any of the water !

Another tip is to place your mobile phones, wallets, cash etc in a watertight bag and keep it in your pocket. I think mobile phone shops see their sales rise for the few days following Songkran. Have fun !!

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